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I truly appreciated Mr. Pickard and his team. I felt very comfortable and informed with the surgery. I was able to get back to my life quickly with his support and feel 100 times better as a result. Thank you for being the miracle worker you are!


Very friendly and reassuring

Extremely professional and was interested in my wellbeing. Didn't give up finding a resolution to my issue and was very approachable and caring throughout.

His friendly, confident approach is very reassuring. One feels he is genuinely interested in one's problems. He is obviously an extremely experienced and skilled surgeon. I feel fortunate to have been treated by him.

He is very conscientious and I'm completely happy with his treatment & manner.

Mr. Pickard has provided excellent care throughout; I had an on-going back/leg pain and he was able to address the root cause of the issue through a methodical process, ultimately leading to surgery which was successful.

Mr Pickard was very professional and made a swift diagnosis.

I was extremely nervous when I went to see Mr Pickard. But he explained my options clearly and reassured me often about the outcomes and his success rate, to put me at ease. He outlined both the benefits and risks of treatment options, so that I could make an informed decision (as much as I can, not being a medical professional myself, so having a more limited understanding). Mr Pickard carried out my operation in January 2023 - removing a herniated disc from my spine. In August 2023, I completed a 4 day Inca Trail trek in Peru. From being unable to often move, sit or stand comfortably to undertaking a gruelling physical challenge like that is just incredible. The treatment I received has changed my life, and I am beyond grateful.

My back is amazing, what a brilliant job you did and I am so pleased. 

It’s like I’m 20 years younger. Thank you so much. 


Thank you Mr Pickard, for such excellent help and support.

Thank you Mr Pickard. You are one of the Greatest Doctors I have ever met. You care about your patients and their well being so much. God Bless You

Mr Pickard is amazing. He really helped with my back

It's early days but I already feel 10yrs younger and thank you for looking after me.


I Highly recommend Mr Richard Pickard.

NHS surgeons misdiagnosed my back condition for 13 years.

1 private appt with him and true diagnosis confirmed and action plan in place.

He's amazing!!

Thankyou Mr Pickard. My pain has reduced a lot and I slept so much better last night.


I just wanted to say thank you so much to Mr Pickard. Since the appointment I have had emergency surgery on my spine to remove a prolapsed disc at John Radcliffe and I am now discharged and beginning to recover. I honestly think that Mr Pickard acted swiftly and with empathy that no other doctor had shown. He was able to understand the extent of my pain within a few minutes and wasted no time in writing me a letter and sending me off to Wexham A&E. I am forever grateful because according to the doctors after my MRI scan I was very close to causing permanent damage to my bladder and bowels. So thank you so much Mr Pickard I will always be grateful.

Richard, Thank you so much for the operation you performed so successfully on my spine. I have remained pain-free since, have been playing golf regularly and attached is proof (Photo winning golf trophy) of how wonderfully well you looked after me.

Once again thank you - I will always be grateful for what you did.

Dear Mr Pickard, Thank you for your care and advice in January . I am pleased to let you know it worked , I ceased the medication in May at the end of the 4 months and following the exercise advice including that of My Pilates teacher and the Physiotherapist I am now pain free and fairly active.  Our Spaniel dog takes me for walks and I rode my motorcycle down through Spain and back in June ( just under 2,000 miles). So Thank You.

Years of pain, limps and grief. Incorrectly sent for Physio for years. I got referred to Mr. Richard Pickard and after 15 minutes he sent me for MRI so he could identify sources of problem. Decided to operate. This was done and results are amazing. I'm extremely grateful for his diligence and experience. My Hero.

I recommend Mr Pickard. I had an operation on my neck/spine which went very well, he was excellent both as a consultant and surgeon. 

Approachable, personable and always asks what the patient would like to do.


Clear, concise communicator.


Easy to talk to and caring.

Everything went according to plan. Good level of information given. Questions answered comprehensively.


He's good at what he does.

I have had an all-round excellent experience with Mr Pickard.

Mr Pickard instilled confidence in me by getting to the root of my problem and explaining it clearly. He has a very kind manner.

Mr Pickard was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had also heard good reviews from a friend who he treated.


Nice and informative consultant.

Nice manner, listens, kind.

Pleasant, professional, caring, sincere, knowledgeable.

Straight forward, easy to understand, explains and reassures well, very practical and efficient, doesn't waste time.

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